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Willa Karaiby, Barbados
Adres: Top10tastes
Price : od 1 181 987 GBP do 1 413 387 GBP
Telefon: +48 799142017
The site for this development a richly diverse landscape of rolling meadows, dense forest and coral stone quarries, creates a dramatic setting for the community’s homes. Apes Hill has been carefully planned so that each resident may take maximum advantage of the view, the nature and the space. The 470-acre parcel, atop one of the island’s high points, has been divided into eight neighbourhoods, with each neighbourhood named after a 17th-century plantation field name. The community’s entrance, road layouts, lot configurations and landscaping take their cue from nature and are designed to blend with the site’s ecology. Due to the exceptional natural beauty of the former plantation, two-thirds of the club’s acreage will remain as open space.

There is no finer canvas on which to create a luxury golf, leisure and residential community masterpiece than the site for Apes Hill Club. Enjoying a prime location at almost 1000 feet above sea level amongst a richly diverse landscape of rolling meadows, dense forest, and coral stone quarries, the Club and its splendid amenities are establishing a new standard of excellence in the Caribbean. The developers, with a shared passion for creating communities designed to preserve and enhance their natural environments, have risen admirably to the challenge.

The 470 acres of land has been divided into eight neighbourhoods – each named after a 17th century plantation field – of Bajan-themed single-family homes and cluster units. Two-thirds of the acreage will remain as open space, allowing a harmonious blending with nature while affording unparalleled views of breathtaking scenery.

pola golfowe karaiby

A richly diverse landscape of rolling meadows,
470-acre parcels
Divided into eight neighbourhoods   
Stunning vistas   
Various communal pools


luksusowe wille barbados
luksusowe wille barbados luksusowe wille barbados luksusowe wille barbados
Price : od 1 181 987 GBP do 1 413 387 GBP

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