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Luxury consumers spend more time online than other media

Internet found to be a key driver in purchase of premium&luxury goods.

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A key finding from joint research by Wallpaper*, the iconic international design, fashion and lifestyle magazine, and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), the trade association for internet marketing, reveals that the internet can be as influential as magazines and TV for encouraging purchase of premium and luxury goods.
More than 1,000 UK respondents said that online advertising was the most influential in encouraging luxury goods purchases. Of the premium luxury panerai replica consumers, 72% purchased goods as a result of seeing an internet advert, this was followed closely by magazines (70%) and television (62%), emphasizing the need for further integration in luxury goods campaigns.
The research also shows that consumers carry out research for luxury goods online even if the actual purchases are later made in retail or by mail order. (...)
The internet’s influence over purchase
– The internet and word of mouth are the most important factors when researching for purchases
– When looking for information, 75% of respondents said the first place they go is the internet
– 72% of respondents said they refer to the internet before making a purchase
Luxury consumers use the internet to research products, with the premium luxury consumers using it even more

Media consumption
– Premium luxury consumers spend more hours online (25.4 hours) than watching TV (13.2), listening to the radio (10.1) or reading magazines (5.7) and newspapers (6.4).
– Respondents make the majority of their luxury purchases online rather than in retail or by direct mail
–The internet is an essential research, entertainment and communications tool
– Combined, the internet, press, and TV are the most effective advertising media to reach and influence these consumers
Premium luxury consumers visit a wide number of websites mainly consisting of portals, news and lifestyle sites. The primary use of the internet for this group was general research and information (92%) (...)
Gord Ray, Wallpaper’s publishing director, said: “Premium online luxury Panerai consumers are the heaviest media users of all luxury consumers. They are ferocious users of the internet and there is a huge opportunity for savvy luxury brands to talk directly to their potential customers via their favorite websites (...)”
Sorcha Proctor, research manager at the IAB, said: “Until now, despite a great fascination with this group, there has been limited research and information into the attitudes and online habits of luxury Panerai Replica Watches consumers. This study confirms that luxury brands must consider online as a key part of the marketing mix, and integrate it fully with other media activities such as press advertising and TV.”


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